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Subject: Create your own digital product in minutes
Subject: Create your own software based products in minutes

The money is in the list… that’s what they say. But here’s the truth – The Money is in the Product.


The truth of it is… the marketers who make the real money online are the same ones who have their own products to sell and give away.

But you probably already knew that didn’t you
So, what’s stopping you creating your own products and taking your business to the next leval?

  1. Is it because you have no experience?
  2. Maybe you don’t have any results?
  3. Perhaps you simply don’t know where to begin?
  4. Or maybe you just don’t have the time or money to do it?

Any one of those reasons might be stopping you from creating your own products… but deep down you still know that without your own products it’s going to be hard, if not impossible to really make it online… which is why I’m writing to you today.

  • What if you could create software and info based products with no experience, knowledge or cost?
  • Products you could sell or better still give away to drive traffic, build your list and make real money online everyday.
  • What if you could do the whole thing in less than 5 minutes…

Would that help?

If you answered yes then look out for my email tomorrow where I’ll tell you how to do it using a brand new cloud based software called DIGIIBIZ



Subject: Start your own Digital Product Empire in…60 Seconds
Subject: Create your own digital products 100% Newbie Friendly [5 Step Process]


Your Own Digital Products… it’s where the real money is

OK so I might have overplayed that headline a little. So let me clarify – No, you can’t build a digital product empire in 60 seconds… But you can build your first digital product in under a minute… with zero experience & zero cost as you’re about to discover… See below

Pretty much everyone knows that you need products to make the real money online. When you have your own products, you make the big money… you can drive traffic, you can make more in affiliate commission and you can build your lists bigger and faster.


But… There’s a Problem

Putting your own High Quality Digital Product together isn’t easy… In fact it’s actually pretty difficult.

Or… it was
Creating your own digital products used to be hard work, time consuming and costly… but not any more… Not with this brand-new product creating software.

It’s called DIGIIBIZ…. Maybe you’ve heard about it?
No… well you’re about to, and here’s why.

Create a Software Based Product: Users can create software based products in minutes based on nothing more than adding a keyword.

  • #1. You drop a keyword in, click search, choose from a huge number of results and BANG, you have a product.
  • #2. But it gets better… once you have your product the software prompts you to choose a pre-formatted landing page (they are included inside the software). Simply pick one of the templates, edit to suite your product and publish.
  • #3. Next…DIGIIBIZ autogenerates a prepopulated thankyou page for your product (download link included)
  • #4. And they host the whole thing for you…. That’s right, you won’t need any domains or hosting to get started with DIGIIBIZ…


With DIGIIBIZ you simply log in, create your product (in minutes) and start building your business.


What about Info Products?

Oh and that’s just the Software based product creation process… this software also creates info products from existing web content… all you have to do is enter the page URL of the content you want to use… Edit as little or as much of the content as you like and publish as your own Info Product.


Create your first digital product today!

If you need or want your own digital products… and lets face it: You Do
Check out the full demo so you can see just how easy and powerful DIGIIBIZ really is


Subject: Create Plugin & PDF Based Product With a Few Clicks, in 60 seconds
Subject: Build Your Own Software Based Products in 5 Steps & 60 Seconds [Watch]

Isn’t it time you had your own products…
Products you can give away to drive traffic and build your list…
Products you can use to make more and more affiliate commission…
Products you can Start Selling TODAY?

Here’s how to do it without knowledge or cost… Click the link below to watch the full demo

You want EASY don’t you? Creating your own product with DIGIIBIZ couldn’t be easier… Making this cloud based APP suitable for even the newest marketer…

So if you’re a complete Newbie and want your own products to drive your business and income forward – Follow these steps & START TODAY

Build a Plugin (Software) Based Product in 5 Steps

Step 1
Log-In to DIGIIBIZ & Select the New Campaign Icon. Add the Name of the project and the product name… Then choose Plugin from the two options to build a Plugin based product.

Step 2
Add a keyword relating to the niche you want to target your Plugin based product at. Then click search

Step 3
Choose from 6 Plugins to use for your project. You’ll find 6 Plugins for each keyword you enter…So you will never run out of Plugins for your projects.

Step 4
Sales Page / Landing Page. Choose from one of the ‘Fully Editable’ Pro-Designed Templates. Edit the template to suite your product. Or Start from Scratch with the Drag-and-Drop Page Builder

Step 5
Thank You Page. Edit the pre-configured Thank You page to suite your own product. You’ll find each and every part of the Thank You page fully editable.

Digiibiz also hosts everything for you, so you won’t need domains or hosting.
And that believe it or not is just the start… DIGIIBIZ also enables users to build Info Products out of existing web content… wanna see how?

Click here and watch the full walk-through demo

Subject: Create Your Own Digital Info Products [5 Steps]

Subject: How to Make Simple Info Products in Minutes


PDF based Info Products, Training Products & Lead Magnets are huge. PDFs sell by the truck load… But you don’t need to sell them to make a killing!


AFFILIATES – Are Turning Simple Little PDFs into $100s in Affiliate Commission each and every week… some are making $1000s

PDFs grow your list and they can fill your Bank Account with Affiliate commissions like this guy does – LOOK [LINK]

Simple… It may appear simple but, producing your own PDFs that you can sell or give away to make more affiliate commission and grow your email list is much harder than people think… At least it is when you do it the old way.

For Example…

  • There’s the research… you’ll have to do the research first regardless of what the content is.
  • You’ll need to outline and structure the complete document
  • And then of course you’ll need to sit in front of your computer and write the whole thing from start to finish – Most people give up at this point.
  • And you’ll need to turn the Doc into a PDF and host it…

Or… You Could Outsource the Whole Thing

…But Expect to Pay $200+ Just to Get Started…

New 60 Second Solution


The Good News Is, This Brand New, Cloud-Based Software Pumps out…

Ready to Go Plugin & PDF Based Products in 60 Seconds…

You can now create a Plugin or PDF Based Product with a few clicks, in around 60 seconds – Click Here to See How. [LINK]

You can now create a Plugin or PDF Based Product with a few clicks, in around 60 seconds – Click Here to See How. [LINK]

DIGIIBIZ Includes: Plugins | Ebooks | Landing Pages | Page Builder | Fully Hosted

Subject: Big Promises Ends in Disappointment
Subject: Those $100 a day Systems Don’t Work
Subject: Product Is NOT Unique

Every day yet another product hits the market… These products promise to make you $100s per day, you’ve seen them right?

They all promise to be unique, but in reality they are not, and nearly always amount to the same thing – and you’re left disappointed.

So Here’s Something Different…

DIGIIBIZ is different & it’s unique… but most importantly; it works. You probably already know you need your own digital products… you know that’s how people really make money online…

But: creating your own products has always been difficult…

Until Now!…

DIGIIBIZ is a Cloud Based App that enables you to create your own Software and Info based products in minutes, without the huge learning curve and a sack full of cash…

There’s nothing to download… You won’t need domains, websites or Hosting – Just log-in, create a product, use one of the page templates and you’re done…

Is it really that easy?
Yes it really is…

It’s perfect for building High Value lead magnets and it’s suitable for Newbies too

Take a look at the software Demo – Click Here [LINK]